Eighth Grade – Destiny

We have a wide range of teaching experience and we look forward to assisting your child as she / he meets the challenges of 8th grade. We’ve included some informational items below to help your family become acquainted with team procedures.


Contact Times

The best way to contact us is through email, however, if you need to contact us by phone, the school phone number is 815-899-8170. To facilitate communication, please use the following guidelines.

  1. Concerns that impact your child in all core classes should be directed to the Team Leader, Elizabeth Peterson. Every attempt will be made to respond to your request as soon as possible.
  2. Concerns that impact your child in a specific class should be directed to that individual teacher.

Late Work Policy / Absences

All work is expected to be handed in on time in order to enhance the level of learning that takes place during class time.

Missing work and class work due to absences can be acquired by reading assignments posted in the room on the day the student returns from the absence, or by contacting the teacher upon returning to school. Students are responsible for making the contact. Long term projects assigned ahead of the absence are due on the day the student returns.

Campus Parent Portal

Your child’s graded work is a good indicator of performance in each class. Please use our Parent Portal to review your child’s grades on a regular basis. Mid-term reports will no longer be mailed to your home, so regular checks of your child’s progress will help to ensure his or her success. If you have concerns, it is a good idea to call or e-mail the individual teacher.

Help Sessions

Teachers will be available every morning, except Wednesdays, beginning at 7:50 a.m. to give students extra help as needed. If a specific teacher needs to be seen before or after school, a student should contact that person in advance to make sure the teacher is available on a specific day.

We look forward to having an enjoyable and positive year with your child.