Spartan Spotlight – Update

You’re at home or at work, and suddenly the phone rings…the caller identifies himself as the principal of the middle school. No good can come from this, right? WRONG!

Each day, teams meet to discuss curriculum and students’ learning needs. The teams have been asked to identify positive students who are making good choices for their learning and citizenship. They describe why the chosen students merit the recognition and Mr. Cleven calls them down and explains the reason they were summoned is a good one! He or she has made some positive choices!

Congratulations to these students who were recognized by their teams. They have a lot to be proud of, as do their parents. Thanks, too, to our teams of teachers, who make time to recognize students for their accomplishments!

7th Grade
Austin Shirley
Ally Yoakum

6th Grade
Giulia Crusan
Adrianna Dominguez
Malarie Gittleson
Ryleigh Goodman
Lily Jennings

8th Grade
Ava Baird
Caden Carl

6th Grade
Terron Begay
Harley Seimer

6th Grade
Ellitsa Arhos
Gena Korczak
Ashlee Winger

7th Grade
Joey Gregory
Jordan Vongsaly

8th Grade
Chelsea Born

6th Grade
Ayden Boatman
Steven Chen
Tristan Countryman
Jason Price-Carter
Janise Schnurr-Trebe
Charlie Snyder

7th Grade
Jason Crumpacker
Max Hoeve