School Philosophy


Teaming is the cornerstone of Sycamore Middle School’s philosophy. Teaming is what makes the difference between Junior High and Middle School. In a middle school, there is a team of teachers who work together with common students. Daily time is spent planning to best serve students’ needs. It creates a smaller school within a big school.

At SMS, we have six teams. Each team develops its identity, adopts a community service project and a core value, and works to develop interdisciplinary units. These units make connections between subjects to help students see that all areas of school are related. Teams allow for:

  • a more personal approach to learning
  • better teacher/parent communication
  • increased opportunity for interdisciplinary teaching
  • closer communication between teachers
  • greater flexibility in scheduling

We are proud to maximize these benefits of middle school philosophy at Sycamore Middle School. Each team works hard to provide the most positive experience possible!