Sycamore Middle School Believes

The behavior of our students should at all times model the core values of Honesty, Trustworthiness, Integrity, Equality, Empathy, Respect, Citizenship, Digital Citizenship, Responsibility, and Collaboration.  We expect students to model the school’s behavioral expectations outlined on the behavioral matrix.  Our three expectations are:  Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships.

It is our philosophy at Sycamore Middle School that when students do not meet these expectations, disciplinary action is required.  At the same time, it is our feeling that students who do meet these standards should be recognized for their effort.  Therefore, we have devised a discipline practice that contains both positive and negative consequences.

Along with support of the teachers and teams, Sycamore Middle School has a systematic school-wide point system to recognize and remind student behaviors.  All across the building, teachers in all content area disciplines spend time teaching the expectations and consequences for positive and negative follow through on those behaviors.  Through this approach, we believe all students can be successful.