Student Activities Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Policy

Procedures and practices will be distributed by the coaches before the season begins. 

Sycamore Community Unit School District No. 427 stands strongly behind the commitment to a drug-free extra/intra-curricular program and believes in the educational value of extra/intra-curricular activities.  The following rules apply to all high school and middle school extra/intra-curricular participants.  Violations of these rules carry significant consequences.  The consequences for rule violations are cumulative from first infraction throughout your eighth grade year.

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    • Every extra/intra-curricular participant shall not use or possess any form of alcoholic beverage or drugs unless prescribed by his/her physician.
    • Every extra/intra-curricular participant shall not smoke (including electronic cigarettes) or chew tobacco nor possess it.

    Self-Help Clause (1st Infraction Only)

    It is the desire of Sycamore Community Unit School District No. 427 to assist all students with the rehabilitation of substance abuse problems.  In keeping with this philosophy, an extra/intra-curricular participant will have the opportunity to seek self-help without jeopardizing his/her immediate participation or eligibility by following these procedures (such a self-referral is recorded as a step one violation) by following these procedures:

    1. Student must notify building administrator os student assistance team member voluntarily of his/her involvement with drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
    2. Parent notification will be made by the building administrator or student assistant team member.
    3. Student immediately goes through a school approved assessment program at his/her own expense.
    4. Assessment recommendations must be followed at the student’s own expense.
    5. Agency verification of the student’s completion of #3 and #4 must be made to the school.

    Infraction of Rules

    All infractions must be observed by a certified/non-certified staff member of this school district or a law enforcement agency and must be submitted to the building administrator within ten school days of the violation. 

    If these infractions occur in school or at school-related events, students are also subject to disciplinary actions outlined in the “Student Behavior and Discipline” section of the student handbook.

    Consequences to violations are as follows:

    • 1st Infraction: Non-Athletic Extra/Intra-Curricular
      • Suspension from participation and attendance of all extra/intra-curricular activities that the student is involved in for four

        weeks.  If there are less than four weeks remaining in the school year, the time will be pro-rated to the next year.

    • 1st Infraction:  Athletic

      • Suspension from 20% of contests for the current season, or if there is not 20% remaining the suspension will be

        pro-rated to the next season of participation.

      • Athletes must attend all practices or meetings, although they will not be allowed to participate in any contests.

      • The extra/intra-curricular participant will be strongly encouraged to seek an assessment program at his/her own expense.

    • 2nd Infraction

      • Suspension from participation in extra/intra-curricular activities for the season, term or year, depending on the structure of the program.  The student must undergo and complete an assessment of potential chemical problems at his/her own expense and follow recommendations made.  This completed assessment is required to re-enter the Sycamore extra intra-curricular program.  Notification of this completed program must be made in writing from the assessment agency to the school administrator.

    • 3rd Infraction

      • Suspension for up to two calendar years, but not less than one year.  The student must undergo and complete
        an assessment program and strictly adhere to assessment recommendations at his/her own expense before he/she
        re-enters the Sycamore intra/extra-curricular program.

    • 4th Infraction

      • Suspension from either extra/intra-curricular programs while in attendance at Sycamore Community Unit School
        District No. 427.

        The participant may appeal a suspension within five school days.  This request to review the suspension may be
        oral or in writing, directed to the Athletic Director.  The Administration will convene a Review Board in accordance with
        the Extra/Intra-curricular Policy. Sycamore School District #427 is committed to drug-free activities and is a member
        of DCP/SAFE (DeKalb County Partnership for a Safe, Active, and Family Environment).