Student Activities Code of Conduct

Participation in extra/intra-curricular and interscholastic athletics at Sycamore Community School District No. 427 is a privilege extended to the student body by the Board of Education.  Student participants act as ambassadors of the School District.  Accordingly, they are expected to hold themselves to the highest standard at all time. 

The Sycamore community has also defined a set of core values. They are: Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Fairness, Caring, Respect, Citizenship, Responsibility, and Cooperation.  We expect all students and staff to strive toward developing and displaying these core values.  Since student activities are a privilege, students who choose to be involved have the additional opportunities and accompanying responsibilities related to the district’s goals to learn, accept and display these core values.

Application of Extra/Intra-Curricular Discipline Policy

The policy applies to all students in extra/intra-curricular activities and interscholastic athletics at Sycamore Community Unit School District No. 427.

Standard of Conduct

Any student who participates in extra/intra-curricular or interscholastic athletic activities is prohibited from engaging in gross disobedience or misconduct or any other conduct during the entire calendar year, either on or off school grounds, which does not meet the ideals for good character, citizenship, and sportsmanship including, but not limited to, conduct for which an arrest has been made by law enforcement officials.


  • Gross Disobedience or Misconduct is any conduct, behavior, or activity, as defined by the Board of Education in its policies, which causes or may reasonably cause school authorities to forecast substantial injury or disruption or material interference with school activities or the rights of other students or school personnel. Gross disobedience may occur no school grounds, on a school bus, or at a school function. It may also occur off school grounds, provided, however, that a direct relationship must exist between the conduct of the student and the school’s educational function.
  • Other conduct is any conduct, behavior, or activity which does not meet the ideals for good character, citizenship, and sportsmanship including, but not limited to, conduct for which an arrest is made by law enforcement officials or conduct which violates the code of conduct.
  • Interscholastic Athletic Activity is an athletic activity sponsored by the School District which involves athletic competition between students sponsored by the School District and students sponsored by other school districts or private schools.
  • Extra/Intra-Curricular Activities (including attendance at dances, assemblies, athletic events, etc.) are those activities sponsored by the school district which have open membership to interested or qualified students.  All or parts of the activities take place outside the classroom, and interaction may or may not include students from other schools or communities.
  • Participation Rules: The Athletic Director, coaches, sponsors or other supervising faculty may establish participation rules, including but not limited to: curfew, attendance at functions, attire, or other rules deemed necessary by the coach/sponsor.  These rules shall be distributed in writing, as well as explained verbally.  In the event a new rule is activated during the year, it is the coaches’/sponsors’ responsibility to disseminate the information verbally as well as in writing.
  • Suspension, as defined in this Student Activities Code of Conduct is the exclusion of a student-athlete from extra/intra-curricular activities or interscholastic athletic activities for more than one activity or contest or date if there are multiple activities on one date.  The suspension of a student for one athletic contest or one extra/intra-curricular activity can be administered by a coach or sponsor as a consequence of violating team rules or this code of conduct.
  • Review Board is the board governing any appeals within the extra/intra-curricular and interscholastic athletic programs at Sycamore Community Unit School District No. 427.  This Review Board shall consist of the Principal, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director, one non-coaching/sponsor faculty member (appointed by the Principal) and one coach/sponsor (appointed by the Athletic Director.)