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      Aim and Philosophy of Interscholastic Programs for Sycamore School District No. 427

      The aim of the interscholastic program of Sycamore Middle School is to provide participation for boys and girls to promote friendly rivalry, improve playing skills, and build good sportsmanship.  The philosophy of our athletic program is stated in terms of the player, school and community.

    • For the player, athletic competition offers opportunities for improving and displaying athletic skills, good sportsmanship, and the development of physical vigor.
    • For the student body, the athletic program provides for developing good school morale, sportsmanship, and for improving qualities of fair play and courtesy.
    • For the community, the athletic program affords opportunities for good school-community relationships.

    The athletic program at Sycamore Middle School is part of the educational process based on policies set forth by the Board of Education.  These programs will be available for all students who wish to participate, providing they are safely staffed with coaches.  Notice will be given to the student body in advance of each season so they can enroll.  Adequate interscholastic competition will be available in each sport to create interest and to gain playing skills.  Games and meets are scheduled giving consideration to numbers and distance traveled.

    6th Grade Interscholastic Sports7th Grade Interscholastic Sports 8th Grade Interscholastic Sports 
    Girls & BoysGirlsBoysGirlsBoys
    Scholastic BowlVolleyballFootballVolleyballFootball
    Cross CountryPom PonsWrestlingPom PonsWrestling
    TrackCross CountryTrackCross Country
    Cross CountryScholastic BowlCross CountryScholastic Bowl
    Scholastic BowlScholastic Bowl

    The purpose of our athletic program is to provide additional opportunities for students to develop good sportsmanship and team play in a supervised setting, to increase basic skills in the respective sports, and to simply enjoy being able to participate.

    Athletic Fee

    A participation fee will be charged to boys and girls who are out for athletics.  There is a maximum fee per student at the middle school and a district family cap.  Costs are reviewed annually, and coaches will inform the athletes of required fees.  The fee is payable prior to participation in each sport in which the student is involved.  This fee is not refundable after participation in the first contest. 

    Dissemination of Athletic Rules

    This policy shall be incorporated in the Athletic Handbook and shall be disseminated to all athletes at the beginning of each sport.


    Any student at Sycamore Middle School involved in an extra-curricular athletic activity is expected to be passing all subjects (no F’s). 

    Eligibility will be checked on a weekly basis.  If an athlete is failing a class, as reported to the Athletic Director through our grade reporting system, the athlete will not be allowed to participate in athletic competition for that next full week. Parents of a student ruled academically ineligible will be notified.  A student is considered passing on the first day of a new quarter.


    All students are covered by school insurance, if all school fees are paid.  A student must have insurance or have a signed waiver indicating the family has insurance coverage to participate in athletics.

    Physical Exams

    Each student-athlete must take, pass, and file with the athletic office a physical examination each year.  This exam must be completed and turned into the athletic office before an athlete can start interscholastic practice.  Physical examinations are good for thirteen (13) months from the date of issue. 

    Concussion Management and Return to Play/Return to Learn Protocols

    (For Compliance of the Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act Public Act 99-0245)

    Any student with a witnessed loss of consciousness (LOC) by a coach, official, staff member, or licensed health care professional for any duration will be taken to the hospital.  Parent/guardian must be notified immediately.

    Any student who has symptoms of a concussion, and who is not stable, or the condition is changing or deteriorating, the parent/guardian will be contacted immediately, and EMS may be needed. 

    Once a suspected head injury occurs, the athlete will be removed immediately, and will not return to activity that day.  Return to play and return to learn procedures will be enforced.  The full Sycamore CUSD #427 procedures and guidelines are available online, the nurse’s office, or via the Sycamore Athletic office.

    Social Activities and Events

    Social activities at Sycamore Middle School are open only to students who are registered, enrolled and attending academic classes in the middle school at the time of the activity.  To participate in activities, a student must possess a current, valid school ID.   

    Social growth is important to the growth of all middle school students.  Much growth can take place during the regular school day and the opportunities that are available to students through this channel.  In addition, the staff will assist students in planning social activities that occur outside of the regular school program. Participation in activities may be tied to the school discipline plan.  Students who have been suspended, assigned AEP for any portion of that day, or have accumulated 30 reminder points on the discipline system will not be allowed to attend the activity. 

    Dance Guidelines

    We would like to remind everyone about the requirements and procedures for a PTO dance.  Not everyone knows the challenges in putting on a safe, fun activity for middle schoolers, but because of those challenges, there are rules we follow without exception.

    Students must have a CURRENT I.D. to enter.  If a student has lost his/her I.D., a new one is available for purchase in the office for $2 during office hours.  Student may be allowed in the dance if they forgot their ID by purchasing an ID at the door for an additional fee; this is in addition to the entrance fee.  Students must be here by 7:30 PM, and be picked up within fifteen minutes of the event end time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Doors are locked at 7:30PM.  Students at –30 or below will not be admitted.  Students who have been in AEP for more than two periods of the dance day will not be admitted.

    The dance rules are as follows:

    • Chaperones and their child(ren) may enter early for free, but others that ride with them will need to pay and wait outside for appropriate entry time.
    • All rules enforced during a Sycamore Middle School class day will be enforced during dances.
    • Arrive before 7:30 and stay until dismissed.
    • Current ID’s are required. Temporary ID’s will only be allowed when authorized by the principal or assistant principal.
    • Appropriate dress is required; no hats are allowed.
    • Gum should be left at home.
    • Cell phones should only be used to call for a ride home.
    • MP3 players and iPods should be left at home.
    • Food and beverages must be consumed in the Commons.
    • Show respect in the commons with all food and water.
    • Appropriate space should be maintained betweens dancers.
    • Walk at all times.
    • Fighting will result in immediate expulsion for the rest of the dance, as well as future dances.
    • Inappropriate behavior may result in loss of privileges to attend future dances.
    • Appropriate behavior is required in the basketball gym:
      • Don’t sit or stand on the wrestling amts.
      • Use the ball safely for the number of people in the gym. Long shots are not allowed.
      • Play appropriately.
      • Treat backboards and rims appropriately.
      • Be respectful of other people’s games.

    Please place basketballs on rack when you leave.

    Eighth Grade Party

    The 8th Grade Party is a casual dress party to celebrate the end of middle school and entrance to high school.  Please note – tickets must be purchased in advance for the eighth grade party.  Doors will be locked at 7:30pm – no late admittance will be allowed. 

    Criteria for eligibility to attend the 8th grade party will be determined and communicated to both students and parents prior to the beginning of fourth quarter.