Principal’s Message

Welcome to Sycamore Middle School! We are proud to provide an excellent middle school experience for our students. While middle school can be one of the most difficult times in a student’s educational career, we here at SMS work to maximize our students’ success despite what is going on within them as they grow and mature. Our staff is well-equipped to work with adolescents, and they have each chosen this level because of their understanding of middle school students. We love this challenging age, and we believe there is no better school for them!

The Middle School Approach embraces the need to provide connections within the curriculum for our students along with help for those transitions from elementary school as well as to high school. We feel that it is important for our students to have a personal and affective connection with staff members, connection among curricular areas, and an opportunity to connect appropriately with peers. The Middle School Approach works with each student, as all staff work together in teams, so they can strategize and communicate about students, about interdisciplinary curriculum, and to take a big school and shrink it into a small school within the wider school.

We provide many different learning opportunities for our adolescents. Not only do they have a rich academic curriculum, but they also explore their talents and abilities in music, technology, Careers, Industrial Tech, Art, and Health. In addition, we offer many varied after school activities to help our students further develop their personal interests and talents.

Our beliefs are powerful. At Sycamore Middle School we believe that…

  • The core values of honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, equality, empathy, respect, citizenship, digital citizenship, responsibility, and collaboration are important to be taught and modeled.
  • All students, with support, need to accept responsibility for their own achievement.
  • All students can learn and succeed in different ways and through a variety of learning opportunities.
  • All students need to feel cared for and safe.
  • All students have a desire and a right to learn.
  • All students have the intrinsic potential for good.

SMS Behavioral Expectations

  • Respect: for learning, surroundings, yourself and others
  • Relationships: Positive interaction utilizing effective communication, empathy, and problem solving skills.
  • Responsibility: Accountability for one’s choices, actions, and obligations

We are proud of our school! Our students are great, our staff is exemplary, and our goal is to work together with parents to make middle school the most positive experience it can be.

Jim Cleven, Principal