Locker Rooms

  1. Each student will have a PE locker assigned each school year. The locker combination will be provided.
  2. Each student will use their PE locker to store and secure their materials for class. Students are not allowed to share lockers. If there is a problem with the assigned locker, let the locker room supervisor know as soon as possible.
  3. During class time students may use the big lockers for storage of their belongings (when available). After class, all items must be moved back to the small PE lockers. If using a big locker, a student must provide their own padlock to secure items.
  4. Cell phones and electronic devices are NOT allowed in the locker room.

Please make sure to keep your PE locker locked at all times.  Students are discouraged from bringing money, jewelry, or valuables to school.  The PE department is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Combinations will only be given to the owner of the locker.

Due to medical conditions such as allergies and asthma:

  1. No aerosols or sprays will be allowed in the locker rooms (this includes deodorant, body sprays, perfumes and scented lotions).
  2. No gum is permitted during PE classes or in the locker rooms.
  3. No food or drink is permitted in the locker rooms.

Uniform Requirements

The appropriate physical education uniform is to be worn each day unless the instructor informs the class of a special circumstance where the uniform is not required. If a particular unit does not require a uniform to be worn, the student will still change into the appropriate shoes for activity.

A required uniform consists of:

  1. Gold or Yellow T-shirt (must be in good condition:  no rips, tears, or sleeves missing)
  2. Black shorts or black athletic pants
  3. Socks
  4. Athletic shoes – Appropriate fitting shoes that are tied or use Velcro. Improper or unsafe shoes, such as sandals, flip-flops, boots, dress shoes, unlaced shoes, shoes without backs, etc. will not be permitted).
  5. Sweatshirt and sweatpants may be worn over the PE uniform, but not in place of the PE uniform.  It is recommended that students keep sweats in their PE locker during cooler months.
  6. The student’s last name should be printed in a non-washable ink on the student’s shirt and shorts and other belongings.

Students are encouraged to practice good hygiene. Students may not wear items that have been worn to school that day for PE class. At the end of each week, students should bring home their PE uniform, wash, and return them the following week.

Items that should not be worn in PE class:

  1. No jewelry (except small, stud-type earrings or a medical alert necklace or bracelet for emergency medical conditions).
  2. No necklaces (including IDs and lanyards).
  3. No school items issued to the student by athletics (ex: track sweats).

Procedure for No Dresses

Each quarter, if a student is not prepared with their PE uniform or proper athletic shoes, the following consequences will occur:

  • First Offense:  Student will lose participation points for the day. Parent/guardian will be contacted (phone call or email) and made aware of this situation.
  • Second Offense:  Student will lose participation points for the day and a referral will be given with lunch detention.
  • Third Offense and each offense thereafter:  Student will lose participation points for the day and a referral will be given with two lunch detentions.

The PE Department and Dean of Students reserve the right to deal with chronic situations which may result in additional disciplinary consequences.

Medical Information

All students are required to participate in physical education classes unless there is a doctor’s note restricting activity. A parent/guardian request, stating the nature of the injury or condition, will be accepted for restricted or limited activity based on the recommendation of the school nurse. Parent notes are limited to two consecutive days (more than two days requires a doctor’s note). Medical notes from a parent/guardian or doctor should be taken directly to the nurse’s office before school. The student will then be given a copy of the note to bring to their PE teacher.

Parents are encouraged to have the doctor’s note state what the student CAN do as opposed to complete removal from class activities (Example:  No contact activities, may ride a stationary bike).


Any student participating in an extracurricular activity must participate in physical education.  If a student-athlete does not participate in PE because they are sick or injured, refuses to participate, or they do not have the proper PE uniform, that student athlete is not eligible to participate in athletic practice or competition for that day.