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Sixth Grade Math Resources

Seventh Grade Math Resources

Eighth Grade Math Resources

Websites that support the SMS Curriculum

Additional Practice Websites

  • AAA Math — many games and activities to reinforce math concepts
  • Khan Academy — thousands of video clips students can watch to reinforce concepts taught in school
  • Math Forum — features “Ask Dr. Math” which can be used for Homework Help
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives — practice math concepts using online manipulatives
  • Xtra Math Fact Practice — allows students to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  Many teachers in the district are using this site.
  • Penny Williams Multiplication Facts Part 1 — first in a two part series which gives strategies for accessing math facts
  • Penny Williams Multiplication Facts Part 2 — second in a two part series which gives strategies for accessing math facts
  • Parent Resources through Everyday Math — several links that parents may find useful. Some are mentioned above, but there are also games and challenge problem links available appropriate for middle school students.
  • Math Playground — math games from first grade through geometry
  • Greg Tang Math — a variety of math games
  • Math Antics — videos for various math topics
  • Moby Max — free online resource for math facts and other math practice. Students can take a diagnostic test and get practice based on need. There is also content for other subject areas.
  • IXL — practice problems arranged by grade level.  Students can use this to practice skills that need reinforcement
  • Desmos — online graphing calculator

Common Core Resources


  • Math On Call by Great Source Publishing – This book can be thought of as the SRB (Student Reference Book) for middle school.
  • Math on Hand by Great Source Publishing – This book is from the same publisher as the above mentioned book, but focuses more on topics unique to 5th and 6th grade.
  • Math Doesn’t Suck by Danica McKellar – This book is geared toward a female audience, but the content is appropriate for any middle schooler.
  • Kiss My Math by Danica McKellar – Second in the series, this book focuses more on prealgebra concepts.
  • Hot X: Algebra Exposed by Danica McKellar – Third in the series with an emphasis on algebra concepts.
  • Spark Charts– Math Basics and Algebra I – we’ve noticed some of the students have these and find them helpful.
  • Help Your Kids with Math by DK Books – a very comprehensive guide with examples and definition – covers topics from basic computation to trigonometry.

Math Apps

  • Quick Math – There is Quick Math, Quick Math+, Quick Math Fractions, Quick Math Time. They can be purchased separately or in a bundle. $1.99 each or $3.99 bundle.
  • Kakooma – This is a great way to practice math facts. This app allows students to practice addition, subtraction or multiplication.
  • Math Facts – Students can practice facts for all 4 operations. There is also an integer version.
  • Alge-bingo – Students solve one and two step equations to try and get bingo. $.99
  • Tan Zen/Zentominoes Free – Students work on puzzles fitting shapes to create a new shape. There is a free version of these or a bundle available for $5.99 that also includes TriZen puzzles.
  • iTooch Middle School – There is a free version of this with in app purchases in which students can practice middle school math topics.
  • Candy Factory by Virginia Tech – A free game, in which students need to pack orders using fractions. This helps with recognizing fraction sizes and portioning.

Free Apps by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

  • Coop Fractions by NCTM – An equivalence games for fractions and percents.
  • Pick a Path – Problem solving using all 4 operations.
  • Equivalent Fractions – Students create equivalent fractions using models and number lines.