6th Grade Health (Mrs. Brannstrom): Students will learn components of overall health (health triangle), develop decision making skills for promotion of individual health; demonstrate procedures for building healthy relationships and communication; describe growth and development changes during adolescent years.

7th Grade Health (Ms. Dominguez): Students will first be learning about Mental Health. One topic discussed will include personality and how it is developed. Self-esteem is also examined and how to increase it. Students will identify stress and how to use stress management techniques. Students will compare different mental health issues and disorders. The students will learn about different legal and illegal drugs and the problems they cause in the body. The drugs will include: tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and several commonly used illegal drugs.

 8th Grade Health (Mrs. Nelson): Students will focus on healthy decision making for the promotion and protection of their individual health. Students will identify signs and symptoms of diseases and disorders; while recognizing effects of personal health practices/choices on their well-being and safety.Students will learn about the growing body and various life stages, with particular interest on the adolescent years and changes that occur during puberty and adulthood. Students will be goal setting and developing a personal wellness plan.